The National WEEKENDER (Papua New Guinea)

First Tok ples film for children launches

Cover story about the first children's film in a vernacular language in Papua New Guinea.


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ZOOM - Magazin der Filmemacher, 20 February 2014

"Am anderen Ende der Welt - Indie-Dreh auf Papua-Neuguinea"

Cover story about the shooting of the children's film THE TALE OF THE COCONUT in Papua New Guinea.

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ABC Radio Australia, 8 August 2013: 
"Wanpla German film kru bai rekodim stori blong kokonas long Duke of York Islands"

Interview with Anthea Fong about the filming of THE TALE OF THE COCONUT taling place on Karawara Island, East New Britain. (Beitrag auf Tok Pisin)

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Blog of Eeva Sippola, University of Bremen, June 27th 2015

Tok Pisin Children's film

Blog entry by Eeva Sippola, professor of Postcolonial Language Studies at the University of Bremen about the Tok Pisin version of The Tale of the Coconut, which was presented at the colloquium Pidgins, Creoles & Development held on June 27th in Bremen.

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